Metaponto is located in the middle of Taranto Gulf, on the Ionian coast of Basilicata. Around there are vast areas of Mediterranean and picturesque pine forests that extend up to the beach. It ’a place rich in history where you will find magnificent testimonies of Civilization Magno-Greek.

Metaponto is known seaside resort rich in archaeological evidence, including the Tavole Palatine and the Temple of Apollo Licio. The National Museum of Metaponto preserves the rich heritage of archaeological materials come to light in the Greek colony of Metaponto. One of the ideal location for those who want to enjoy the sea and the warm sun of the South
The beach has wide and sandy beaches equipped with the service of swimmers and lovers of sailing and pristine areas for sport fishing in the vicinity of river mouths and Bradano Basento.
Inside the museum are reconstructed several stages: the first prehistoric events, the arrival of the Greeks in the fifth century BC, the formation of the colony of Metaponto between the rivers Bradano and Basento, the romanization. The rooms display artifacts of the local culture and fine vases italomicenei turned and decorated.
Many of these materials were processed on site by craftsmen who emigrated to the West. One section is devoted to weapons, personal ornaments, many of them in bronze, both male and female, the latter being particularly valuable.
  • Metaponto - Ionian Coast of Basilicata
  • Metaponto - Ionian Coast of Basilicata
  • Metaponto - Ionian Coast of Basilicata
  • Metaponto - Ionian Coast of Basilicata
  • Metaponto - Ionian Coast of Basilicata
  • Metaponto - Ionian Coast of Basilicata
The Archaeological Park of Metaponto is home to the remains of what has been saved from the continual pillaging of the ancient Greek city-states. The National Museum of Metaponto preserves relics from the Prehistoric Age to the Late Antiquity period and boasts the Temple of Hera, more commonly known as the Tavole Palatine (Palatine Tables) that enables tourists to get first-hand knowledge of Magna Graecia culture.

The Greek colonies greatly affected the surrounding area; the chora, an extremely fertile terrain outside the city walls, immediately led to the creation of infrastructures and rural sanctuaries that highlighted the presence of these new peoples and mark the boundaries of the city-state of Metaponto. The most important sanctuary - and the only one left standing – is the one called Tavole Palatine, an impressive temple with Doric-styled columns, twelve on the long side and six on the shorter side, built at the end of the 6th century BC and located near a sacred spring as was the custom in the Greek world. The temple is dedicated to Hera and 15 of the original columns are still standing.
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