L’Orto di Lucania is Buona Cucina TCI from 2004

The Agriturismo L’Orto di Lucania cuisine is not intended merely as a support service to stay on a farm.

It’s a special experience, also open to those who want to experience the flavors of Basilicata. Since 2004, in addition to being present in the Hotels and Restaurants Guide of the Italian Touring Club, our restaurant has received the coveted Buona Cucina, that TCI that gives to a small number of restaurants in the guide.

Our menu is subject to frequent updates, since it must consider the seasonal availability of foods, especially vegetables, that are produced directly from our farm: the only way we can ensure maximum authenticity to our dishes.

The restaurant is always open. However, it is only accessible by appointment. We want to devote to your stay always a special attention.

L'Orto di Lucania
Agriturismo - Restaurant
Contrada Dogana,
SP 175 Km 13,2
75024 Montescaglioso (MT)
Matera - Basilicata - Italy

Tel. + 39 333 9802592