The real Italy - Car and Driving

Jonathan Crouch takes to the Southern Italian roads of Basilicata and finds that here, there really is Latin spirit in every one You’ll probably never have heard of Basilicata, one of Italy’s southernmost regions. And that’s a good thing. At least for those of us wanting to keep hard-won discoveries to ourselves.

Those wanting a break from the established tourist trail. Those wondering how the sun-dried states of Southern Europe used to be before package holidays, package food and package people. In Basilicata, armed only with a rental car and a sense of adventure, you’ll find out.
L'Orto di Lucania
Agriturismo - Restaurant
Contrada Dogana,
SP 175 Km 13,2
75024 Montescaglioso (MT)
Matera - Basilicata - Italy

Tel. + 39 333 9802592